Past Series

When Dreams Come True

What is your dream, what if it came true? Joseph had a dream and it did come true and it changed his life and the world. Come find out more.

Living the Word

The Psalmist loved God's word. He describes it as valuable as gold and as sweet as honey. Today the Bible is often a book left to gather dust and is rarely opened. Come and join us as we explore whether the Psalmists love of the Bible is relevant for today.

Prepare for the King

The gospel of Luke prepares his readers for the coming of the King. Come and find out if you're prepared for this King to come.

If we REALLY believe in...

What does the reformation mean for us today? This series will ask what our lives look like when we believe in the reformation truths of faith alone, grace alone, scripture alone, Christ alone and God's glory alone

Life in Christ

A look at what Christ has done and what that means for our life today

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